The supernova midget Pro diamond scanning machine is capable of delivering outstanding diamond scanning services to customers in the most affordable range. It is the fastest scanning machine as of now and has sharp blades for an active diamond scanning precision. It is capable of scanning diamonds of exceedingly small size and scan, for instance, 0.001 to 0.35 carats and so on.

Supernova midget, as the name suggests, offers the best clearing and incision with its stone wedges and blades at the micro-level. It helps users in the 3D model rendering to gain accuracy with the diamond scanning. In order to provide finesse with great diamond scanning, it has an edge-to-edge detection of the impurity present at the micro-level. The supernova midget machine enables us to measure 0.10 to 0.899 carats and provide outstanding diamond shaping and polishing results.


DBC offers Supernova Pro diamond scanning machines to global platforms. It is one of the largest scanning machines by far. This Gigantic 500 machine enables users to measure any rough stone/diamond up to 200 carats. It is capable of offering the largest scale of diamond scanning and filing to get the most out of its value. To stretch the value of rough stone or diamond we have incorporated the values of this machine which made it comprehensive to get a quality tool.

The supernova Gigantic machine is inclusive of all the features and modes to easily execute the diamond scanning without any hassle. This machine has outstanding clarity for different shapes, grades, or sizes of stones. We truly understand what it means to have a high-quality diamond, and supernova pro helps us to deliver the same to customers. It is an outstanding machine that helps to deliver diamond scanning services with excellence.


Supernova Median and Supernova Prodigious are incredible diamond measuring machines. They help users to measure rough stones as well as diamonds to understand their value in detail. The Supernova Median diamond weighing machine is capable of delivering precise results and it can actively measure the rough stone or diamond up to 2.499 carats.

On the contrary, Supernova Prodigious is capable of measuring a diamond or a stone up to 24.99 carats. Both of these machines are capable of precisely scanning and measuring diamonds to deliver accurate results. They also help us in 3D rendering and images to plan the scanning or the polishing of the diamond accordingly. The Supernova Median and Supernova Prodigious machines facilitate users with absolute accuracy and image quality standards.